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Mistery Jackpot

Independent and easy configuration of the required number of jackpot groups and their levels.

Mistery Jackpot

The system allows simultaneous operation of up to five jackpot groups in which the various gaming devices included in the system are combined. One gaming facility can participate simultaneously in several jackpot groups. Each jackpot group can have up to five levels with different parameters. Creating new jackpots and editing them is possible only with authorized access conforming to the regulations of individual markets. After each adjustment, notifications are sent to predefined e-mail addresses. The sum of the percents BET rates, of all jackpot groups and levels, cannot exceed 5 (five) percent.

Each jackpot group needs a jackpot media (visualizer) to visualize to the players in the casino the current jackpot levels, their parameters, and the winning slot.

  • Allows operators to select their own jackpot groups with their parameters and levels
  • Allows the mystery to be activated in a pre-set timetable
  • Ability to customize the jackpot display with own images, audio, and video